Newton Field (59B)
Jackman, ME
Field Elevation: 1178
Lat: 45°37.97N  Long: 70°14.93W
CTAF/Unicom Freq: 122.9000
Weather Advisories
2022-05-24   12:56 Z
Altimeter 30.39" Hg
Wind --
Gusts --
Visibility 10 SM
Ceiling --
Temperature 9° C (48° F)
Dewpoint -1° C (30° F)
Relative Humidity 51%
Density Altitude --
Condensation Altitude 5,900 feet
Wind and Runways
Indicated Runway = 13
Headwind = 0 kt
Crosswind = 0 kt
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  METAR 59B 241256Z AUTO 10 SM 09/M01 A3039